So... another post in the Atlas blog!

They have been promised for a long time, but finally, here they are: countries in Atlas!

Resultado de imagen de bandera paises

You will find a list below, containing 47 country names. Yes, not all of them are included, but they will be coming sooner than later.

As you will be able to see, countries have an -e ending (abstract), in opposition to cities, that have a -u ending (Barsalonu, Novi-Iorku, Moskbu, Tokiu...). This is based on the idea that cities can actually be seen, but countries? can you really see the borders when flying on a plane?

As you would expect, country names can take also an -i ending (adjectives):

Zi esset al-itsa Barati - He/she was the Indian person.

Some countries are directly transcribed from its original language, or one of its original languages (in case that more than one language is spoken in the country):
- Arhentine - from Argentina.
- Vranse - from France.
- Nihone - from Nihon, Japan.
- Hervatse - Hrvatska - Croatia

For countries ending in "-land" or similar, this is taken away from the Atlas name:
- Doice - Deutschland.
- Pake - Pakistan.

Some are taken from its common or slang name:
- Ose - Aussie, Australia.

A few countries might not be transcribed from its original language, but completely converted into Atlas. This happens when the actual name of the country has a meaning per se:
- Bemi-Xerdese (United States)

So please find below the list of 47 countries.


Avgane Afghanistan
Arhentine Argentina
Ose Australia
Osteraixe Austria
Belge Belgium
Bolibie Bolivia
Brasile Brazil
Kamerune Cameroon
Kanade Canada
Xongwe China
Kolombe Colombia
Hervatse Croatia
Ceske Czech republic
Dane Denmark
Misere Egypt
Engele England
Vranse France
Doice Germany
Ellase Greece
Hole Holland
Barate India
Israile Israel
Italie Italy
Nihone Japan
Kenie Kenia
Cosene Korea
Kuwaite Kuwait
Meksike Mexico
Magribe Morocco
Norge Norway
Pake Pakistan
Perue Peru
Polske Poland
Portugale Portugal
Rosie Russia
Saude Saudi Arabia
Skote Scotland
Singapure Singapore
Emzanse South Africa
Espanie Spain
Sverige Sweden
Elbete Switzerland
Taie Thailand
Turke Turkey
Bemi-Xerdese United States
Benesuele Venezuela
Viete Vietnam


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