Phraseology time!

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Hia dahi! - hello again!

Another chapter in Atlas. This time we will have a quick look to useful phraseology. Before that, let me point out that all texts in Atlas have been upgraded to the latest grammar changes. As I said, from now, grammar is considered completed and essential modifications done, so any changes from now on will be published in the Grammar page, with the latest version available. Same with the dictionary.

Phraseology has been added to the Grammar Book too! So we move a bit from theory to actual language usage. Here you have some useful phrases in Atlas:

Hia! – dine bei!
Hello! – good day!

Sahe/bikele/sere/noce bei
good morning/afternoon/evening/night

Di esas w ven?
How are you?

Wi esas bei, danke!
I am good, thank you!

Di zaias i ven?
Where are you?

Di varas? Nai/Hai Are you waiting?  No/Yes

Al-name de di esis vene?
What is your name?

Di esis ot ven?
Where are you from?

Di diamis i te?
Do you live here?

Di etis o ven?
How old are you?

Wi etis 36, ta di?
I am 36, and you?

Di dizes ez w Atlas w ven?
How do you say it in Atlas?

Di qedizes te dahi (qing)?
Say that again please?

Ez esis o ven?
How much is it?

Di piacis he-brunmaiu?
Do you like coffee?

Vece bei!
Good night


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