Some news! and changes!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who visits this website and shows interest in Atlas. I can see many people coming back regularly, even people sharing in forums etc. So a BIG thank you to everyone and keep doing that if you like, it is great for this project.

Atlas is a month old now, and I can say the response has been very positive. So again, thank to everyone.

As any other project, Atlas has experimented some changes from its initial version. The latest ones have been introduced very shortly. I do not anticipate to see any major changes from now on. The grammar is now fairly solid and even more simplified.

So, what are the latest changes?

- grammar has been updated with some more information: hours, use of reciprocals...
- even more examples in the grammar, now with answers! so you can practice even more.
- BIG changes to prepositions! number cut to more than half. Some prepositions have now multiple uses, where its final meaning will depend on context.
- changes to correlatives: now, they all end in -ar, always!
- demonstratives simplified. When they act as pronouns, they do not change form depending on the word they were modifying (word category). So before we could have "teu" (this thing), "tea" (this person or animal), "tee" (this idea or process), "teo" (this plant). Now, only plural -n can be added, so we have "te" (this - all categories) and "ten" (these). Remember! plural marker is only used when the demonstrative is used as pronoun. In its article or determinant form, the plural is marked by the noun: "te-vioron" - "these flowers", "ten" - "these").

Dictionary has been updated too, and Tommus has updated its Java Popup dictionary, which is great news too.

As always, if you have any new words or want to propose any... just drop me an e-mail:

More... new page! As promised, we have now NEWS in Atlas! They will be uploaded regularly, especially when big/important events happen. You can see the new page at the top of the blog.

So what's next?
- texts need to be updated to the new changes, that will be done soon.
- grammar will improve some explanations, include some phraseology and probably a few glossaries. Coming up whenever it is possible.
- you will see news regularly. I am planning to make a video on phonetics too. Probably another text added.

So as I said, Atlas is one month today, so thank you again everyone for supporting this project.

More entries coming back soon! So keep coming back!



  1. Congrats with an anniversary! =) The project is really cool, so I'm interesting for more words to learn and practise!

    1. thanks Dalacian!

      Dictionary is updated from to time, every time with new words!

      Remember that the main roots (500+) are fixed so you can play with them in order to form new words if they are not in the dictionary already!

      Thanks for your comment!


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