Work, work, work!

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I have recently decided to make a few and important changes that will take Atlas to a next level of simplicity and easiness.

I am basically working on a system that modifies roots so that all of them are 3 letter words, thus making root identification much more simple, especially in compound words. Obviously that means some changes to the current roots.

It also brings modifications to conjunctions, prepositions, etc. Which will adopt new forms in order to adapt to the new system.

Other modifications introduced to make the language much more simple. Verb prefixes say goodbye to use, same to verb particles. A very easy system using roots will be replacing them. Verb aspects are reduced as well from 3 to 2 (permanent and non-permanent).

These changes will be available very soon. The come after suggestions from Atlas supporters/learners/etc. and I think they are extremely handy.

The new revision of the grammar will be updated very soon, and the new dictionary. You will have the old versions as well available for a bit of time, and of course all changes well explained.

I am sorry about the difficulties some of you might encounter if you have already been studying Atlas, but I think everyone will like these changes! And they are just so helpful and make the language so much easier and more intuitive.

Thank you! News coming soon!


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